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Hi folks

We are looking into fitting HID headlight sets, making your vision a lot better in the dark. These are bulbs that get brighter as you turn them on making the lights seem crystal clear, which can improve your vision by up to 40%.

The installation for the system usually takes about am hour depending on model of car, some cars cannot have the upgrade because there lights are can-bus controlled and that would affect the vehicle performance and lead to all sorts of problems with the electrical systems.

The power usage of the bulb is reduced to 35watts and the light power is measured in light heat, therefore the measurement is in kelvin. The heat from light therefore is circa 7735 degrees C. It is a plasma arc that is started by a balast charge, that is maintained by a low wattage arc.

I will be fitting our first HID system this weekend and making the owner quite happy as they should be able to see a lot more of the world of nigh time, with headlight aim set to MOT standards. It will give the car a crystal clear whit look, which will compliment the angel eye side lights already fitted.

I also have some SMD 501 side light bulbs with a brilliant white look, this will loose the yellow tinge of the classic iridescent bulb, I am quite looking forward to the outcome of the finish and when i work out how to add pictures I will post a few up here.

Have you had any upgrades you are quite excited about? if so please leave a comment and tell your story