Tyres, Exhaust's & Autocare

We have been very pleased to have had the opportunity to work on a Rover P5 B, this car has belonged to our customer for the past 22 years. He approached us because of the great work we did on is 55 plate passat, he was so impressed that he asked us to undergo work on his rover P5. Our first mission was to MOT the 1973 classic which wasn’t to much of a problem as the car lived in a garage most of its life. All the mot tester could find was a fractured rubber bush that was the mount for the leaf spring, we sourced a part from india with the help of the owner.

Servicing was the next job on our list again having to go to old suppliers for these parts and trawling the web looking for classic car part suppliers. We located the oil filter from unipart who was the original supplier of the parts 40 years ago, we also fitted 2 K&N air filters to help the big 3.5 V8 breathe, which greatly improved the performance.

We are currently waiting for the car back so we can service the antifreeze on it ready for the winter, i will get some pictures and put them on our website so we can show off this classic British car. The same model of which Thacther came to Downing street in on the 4th of may 1979.

Do you or any of your friends have classic cars or motorcycles that have recently undergone works or been stored in preperation for winter?